Clear Braces

A Clear Choice for Your Teeth

Wearing braces on your teeth doesn’t have to attract attention every time you speak or smile. With clear braces from Chelsea Orthodontics, our Chelsea, MI practice ensures patients have a solution to their teeth’ alignment without glaring metal brackets and wires.
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Get the Best of Both Worlds With Clear Braces

If you have crooked teeth, an overbite, or spacing issues, you want the same impressive results as braces without the unsightly metal appearance. At Chelsea Orthodontics, we offer the benefits of traditional braces and clear aligners using clear braces. These discreet orthodontic solutions give you the same speedy results as braces, but like aligners, the clear components blend in with your mouth so that they don’t stand out every time you smile. A custom plan by our orthodontic specialists ensures your teeth move to their correct positions.

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Personalized Care at Chelsea Orthodontics

Chelsea Orthodontics always puts a patient’s comfort, treatment quality, and results as our top concerns while providing affordable orthodontic solutions. Clear braces are an ideal choice if you need a top-performing option to correct your teeth' alignment discreetly. Dr. MikaThis link leads to Doctor's page and our entire staff put in the necessary time to examine your alignment issues and determine the best treatment option for your needs. After creating a personalized plan for you, we gently and carefully guide you through every step until it’s time to take off the clear braces. A beautiful smile doesn’t have to cost you your confidence whenever you speak or flash your teeth. Our clear braces make laughing and grinning carefree during your orthodontic treatment.

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