No Later Than Age 7

Start Early to Care for Your Child’s Teeth

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children visit an orthodontist for a checkup at age seven. Children start losing their baby teeth at this age, and permanent teeth start erupting. Chelsea Orthodontics can assess your child’s spacing needs, growth patterns, and any existing abnormalities.
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An Evaluation to Determine Orthodontic Treatment

An initial exam lets Chelsea OrthodonticsThis link leads to Home page evaluate your child’s orthodontic needs. Many children don’t need treatment at age seven, and Dr. Mika and our staffThis link leads to Doctor's page keep an eye on them until their permanent teeth erupt. However, some children require early treatment to address issues that can develop into bigger problems as they get older. Orthodontists are trained to spot and address problems during a child’s development. We evaluate jaw growth patterns and step in with treatment when children need it. We can evaluate overbites, underbites, deep or open bites, crossbites, spacing or crowding issues, finger or thumb habits, and skeletal or dental protrusions during exams.

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Bring Your Children to Chelsea Orthodontics

Don’t let your child’s straight teeth appearance fool you. Children may have underlying issues only an X-ray or clinical exam can expose. Timing is one of the most important components to orthodontic treatment success, so early checkups are essential to identify issues and address them before they grow into substantial problems. Chelsea Orthodontics would rather see and treat your child at age seven and start monitoring them instead of getting them in when it’s too late.
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