Chelsea Orthodontics provides orthodontic treatment with Invisalign for teens and adults.  See some of our fabulous smiles below!

Before and After

Adult treated with Invisalign 16 months.

Invisalign Treatment - Case 1

Adult treated with Invisalign 26 months.

Invisalign Treatment - Case 2

Teen treated with Invisalign 15 months.

Invisalign Treatment - Case 3

Adult treated with Invisalign to close upper spaces, lower braces

Invisalign Treatment - Case 4

This adult had mild crowding of the upper teeth and moderate crowding of her lower teeth.  Treatment lasted 7 months with 12 pairs of Invisalign aligners and slight enamel reduction of the lower incisors.

Case 5 - Invisalign Treatment

This teen wanted the upper spaces closed and lower crowding corrected.  Treatment lasted 15 months, with 21 pairs of aligners.

Case 6 - Invisalign Treatment

This adult had upper incisor spacing and uneven central incisor lengths.  Correction was completed in 10 months with 10 upper aligners.

Case 7 - Invisalign Treatment

This teenager had a first phase of treatment with expanders at age 8 and was ready for final tooth alignment.  This second phase of treatment was completed in 25 months.

Invisalign Treatment - Case 8

This adult had protrusion of the upper incisors as well as crowding of the upper and lower teeth.  The upper left first bicuspid was extracted, and the space was closed by moving the upper front teeth back to correct the protrusion.  Treatment lasted 26 months, with 49 pairs of aligners.

Invisalign Treatment - Case 9

This adult had moderate crowding of the upper and lower teeth.  Treatment lasted 20 months, with 26 aligners and slight enamel reduction of the upper and lower incisors.

Invisalign Treatment - Case 10

This adult's crowding and overbite were corrected with Invisalign.  Treatment lasted 14 months.

Invisalign Treatment - Case 11