Orthodontic braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before.  Many people choose to accessorize their braces with colorful elastic ties, but our self-ligating ​brackets do not require elastic ties.  See a few of our beautiful smiles below!

Before and After 

This treatment for upper and lower crowding and excessive overjet was provided in two phases.  Phase I expanded the upper arch with a quad helix expander.  Phase II completed the correction of the crowding and excessive overjet with full braces.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 1

This patient's upper lateral incisors never developed, causing gaps between the upper teeth.  With braces, the upper teeth were moved together to close the spaces.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 2

This teenager's upper teeth protruded over the lower teeth (in orthodontic terms, an excessive overjet).  The upper first bicuspid teeth were extracted, and the upper teeth were retracted with full braces to correct the excessive overjet and provide a beautiful, healthy smile.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 3

This 12-year-old had severe crowding of the upper and lower teeth.  This beautiful smile was achieved with 21 months of full braces, without permanent tooth extraction.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 4

This 16-year-old had a very severe open bite, severe crowding of the upper teeth, and mild crowding of the lower teeth.  With full braces, extraction of the upper first bicuspid teeth, and excellent rubber band wear, a beautiful smile resulted.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 5

This 15-year-old had protruding upper incisors and crowding of the lower teeth.  Treatment lasted 16 months and included full braces, rubber band wear, and no permanent tooth extraction.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 6

At age 8, this youngster had a very narrow upper jaw and a large open bite.


After upper expansion, the open bite closed significantly.


At age 13, the open bite has closed, and all the permanent teeth are present.  Time for braces!


After 16 months of full braces


This teen's crowded teeth were corrected with full braces and a Pendex appliance.  The Pendex moved the upper right molars backwards, providing space to correct the crowding without permanent tooth extraction.  Treatment lasted 24 months.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 8

This teen's severe crowding was corrected with full braces, without tooth extraction.  Treatment lasted 19 months.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 9

This teen's crowding and overbite were corrected with extraction of the four first bicuspid teeth during a first phase of treatment, followed by full braces.  Full braces treatment lasted 22 months.

Comprehensive Treatment - Case 10